How to use Twitter Retweet for better interactions

News 08:11 November 2019:

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There has been a lot of discussion regarding Twitter Retweet among the social media platform users.   Most people feel that retweeting takes credit for posts that does not belong to those sharing them.  But that is not the case, retweeting creates an interaction platform.  It is basically forwarding a tweet that was sent by somebody else.  It can simply be discussed as sharing of information among other people on the platform.  You will agree with me that it is not easy getting information from everybody as they are not on your friends list.

Retweeting therefore allows you release information that you believe is valuable enough to share.    You can also retweet an article or post you believe is interesting and worth sharing.  Each time one retweets, the word ‘RT’ or ‘retweet’ in full should come before it to show that you are not the original creator of the post or article.  It is common sense or etiquette not to take credit of what really does not belong to you.  And more often or not, others who found the retweet interesting will go further and check the profile of the original tweeter.  If they like the profile, they will therefore start following them for more.

It is therefore not wrong to say that a Twitter Retweet proves engagement platform where people of all walks of life share important information.   By sharing information you are increasing traffic to your profile.  It not a must that people must follow you on the social media platform.  They must find something worthwhile or interesting for them to do so.  It is an easier way to build trust.  When people find they can trust you, they will be sure to come for more.  It is therefore important that you just don’t retweet, ensure what you share is important enough for your followers to want more.

Do you know you can retweet your articles?  This is a good idea but only when it is necessary.  Some people choose to retweet their items from time to time but this does not augur well.  The social media platform is an engagement platform and the only way to engage with others not in your circle is to find a way to reach them.  Retweeting your articles makes you ‘selfish’ – no pun intended.  Go out there and reach out to the large numbers of people on the social media platform looking for information from time to time.  You never know, these people can change your life forever.

Finally, don’t forget about knowing when to reach your followers through a Twitter Retweet.  Time factor plays a very crucial role on the social media platforms.  If you have any trending topic first of all consider the group you want to reach.  If they are students get hold of them during breaks which can be lunch, or after.  Another best time to reach them is after classes.  Secondly, if your article is meant for an older group, know when to reach them which are definitely after work.  Interaction on the social media platform will rely heavily on timing which is a factor you cannot afford to ignore.

3 Retweeting Tips For Better Brand Engagement

Twitter is a powerful platform for communicating your brand message and creating traffic to your site, and retweeting enable you to share crucial and content with your customers. But it’s important to know what you should be retweeting. Before you retweet, take some time and ask yourself whether the message you are retweeting will be interesting to your clients and which twitter accounts deserve such kind of a message. The main question that you should ask yourself is whether the retweet is benefiting your business and your customers.

Here are some tips to help you take advantage of twitter retweets.

Pick Your Style

There are two ways that you can retweet a message; there is Original Way that involves the follower manually adding the letters RT to the start of tweets as a way of appreciating the original.  When you add letter RT to a post, your showing that you have re-posted another person’s message while appreciating the original author of the tweet. This method allows a person to add his or her comment at the beginning of the tweet.

Another method of a retweet is called The New Way or Native which means that you do not have to change the tweet in any way. It involves sending the message to your followers the way you received it without altering the content. This method makes it easier to share message because you just need to click the retweet button and message is displayed to your followers.  Again, you show a strong appreciation of the original author of the tweet.

You need to determine which style of retweeting suit you best regarding your needs. If you need to alter original message before retweeting or adding a comment, you need to use original way method, but if you want to show your follower that you appreciate the original author of the tweet, you need to use the Native method.

Recognize Positive Mentions

When you want to show gratitude to someone, you don’t need to send an actual message, just retweet and it will indicate that you have appreciated and acknowledged their support and share their message with your followers.

Scratch My Back. I’ll Scratch Yours

When you retweet other, you create a great opportunity to increase more retweets because people will appreciate those appreciate them. Therefore, you should know the kind of tweets that you need to retweet so that you can increase online visibility by people who matter to you. If you are a business, you need to regularly retweet key thinkers in your industry, or companies that you would like to work with or know more about.

You also need to identify influencers, whether individual or companies because they will help to share your message with their customer, earning you brand recognition, retweets, and more customers. So, keep on retweeting you influencers, and you will be upraised how faster they notice you. However, make sure you do not just retweet them, choose the kind of message to retweet so that you don’t end up annoying both the influencer and your followers.