How a Weather Station can help us stay healthy


There are many things in life that we normally don’t consider important.   In many discussions whether at the dinner table, playing golf, out for a walk, the issue of weather usually comes up.  This is one topic that is discussed every single day.  Have cared enough to ask why this is so.  The weather plays a very crucial part in our everyday activities and it is one thing that can make or spoil our day depending on one’s preference.   It is therefore of vital importance that to avoid finding oneself in such situation the issue of weather used be addressed by choosing to make the correct choice in purchasing a weather station.

Whether we choose to discuss it openly or not, it is of great importance that we know and appreciate that the weather and climate do affect every aspect of our lives.    Climate and the weather go hand in hand.  Climate interestingly, is known to influence our lifestyles in many ways including crops and their growth, which later affect our diet and the foods that we eat.  The weather on the other hand affects our bodies in more ways than we would have ordinarily thought or imagined by affecting our moods, our health, and our immune system just to mention a few. 

It is on great interest that a number of people only get to know the importance of a weather station when they get one.  Why sit and wait for weather updates from the metrological department when you can in the comfort of your home get to know the changing weather patterns and what to expect.   These are no new gadgets in the market for those who are made to think so.  These gadgets have been around for time immemorial.   What has created more attention to their onset is the increase in the mobile stations.

By installing this gadget in your home you will be able to make decisions that you would not ordinarily have made.   A lot of discussions have gone around regarding their accuracy.  A lot of people still believe that it’s only the weatherman who can provide accurate information when it comes to the weather.  To an extent they are right because these are people who have studied the weather in its entity and are able to read and relay the patterns because it’s their job to do so.

But on the other hand, the accuracy that the weather station gives its users cannot be paralleled.  Remember weather information is collected using different features and basically this is what the weatherman uses.  They too relay weather information from their station.  It is therefore good to note that there is no difference from the weather reading from your home and the one relayed by the weatherman.  Weather tends to be centralized making it difficult to share the same weather with those across the ridge away from you.  The mobile stations accuracy cannot therefore be paralleled, they are correct and quite accurate so to say.

There are a lot of health risks around us, weather in the office or our homes.  Some of these cannot be seen by the naked eye.  If you are in the health sector or read a lot of their articles, you will have realised that people who are known to have migraines attributes its onset to the weather.   The changes in the weather are known to affect them drastically during cold seasons.  You do not have to be sick to know that weather changes affect your body; this can be ascertained by the increase of cold and flu during the cold season.

Finally, it is therefore true that weather affects our health in many issues.  Each time the weather changes people are known to become sick.  The change in the dry and hot weather is known to affect the body.  Having a weather station within the home or office will allow occupants to be prepared early enough.  It is quite expensive to treat a sick person.  Why spend large amounts of money treating sick employees when you can find a simpler and easier way to avoid that.  Investing in a station will allow you to take precautions way beforehand.

Personal Weather Station Software


Historical weather information may be put into various uses for the benefit of the user. For instance, observing how a shift in wind direction affects temperature and weather conditions over a few hours may prove useful in predicting how the weather will be in future. Unfortunately, your desktop console stores information only for the past few hours for review. For a person who wants to make the use of their station to the fullest, this may be a limiting factor.

However, there are several personal weather stations software that can be downloaded to serve this purpose. Most stations come with the software box but you may need to instore a third party software that is more robust and allows you to analyze data over a range of time since these free weather stations are often unreliable and lack customer care support.

If your primary purpose is sharing your weather data with the world, then Weather Underground may be the best option for you. Basically, Weather Underground is the world’s biggest database that allows individuals to share their personal weather data with the world. But the Weather Underground has its limitations in that the website captures data for about 10 minutes due to the huge amount of data that Weather Underground has to process. Here are the various weather stations recommended for you.

This is among the recently developed Ambient Weather’s cloud based services. The software is use-friendly and will run on any device with a web browser capability. is compatible with various manufacturers though sometimes you may be required to add the Ambient Weather WeatherBridge. The fact that the software supports IFTTT which enables you to use your weather data to issue commands on your smart devices.


Though, this software a bit old fashioned it’s still incredibly powerful especially in giving you the most accurate graph. Additionally, the software works perfectly whether you are a Mac, Linux or Windows user. The software works well with Davis stations, La Cross models and a range of others.  However, you may need to check with their site to confirm your stations compatibility before opting for it.


Currently, this happens to be the best option for Mac users. Besides being compatible, the software allows iPhone or iPad user to view weather condition’s data even when not at home. The Lite version is solely focused on getting your weather data online. So probably the Pro version would be your best bet if you are to get your hands on the analytical features that are probably a must have in a weather station software.


WeeWX is the best option for a person with a daring mind and a bit of adventure especially if they are well endowed with some computer tech. it’s completely free and open source software that allows you to organize the web pages in a way that you want it to output data.

Weather Display

Released in the year 2000, Weather Display is still one of the leading software packages that enables you to get the most from your personal weather station. This is partly due to the continuous upgrade by the developer to meet the current market needs an also due to the chosen features that the software supports. The features include real time data display, FTP transfers of weather data to personal web page, email or text message alerts notifications of extreme weather conditions and graph history. The software is compatible with a wide range of stations including La Cross, AcuRite, Davis and Oregon Scientific. For you to use the software, you may be required to purchase license which is approximately $60 for lifetime inclusive of free updates.


Although this software is a bit dated, many users prefer it due to its high degree of customizability in the way you can view your data. Additionally, the software eases uploading weather data to the internet either through personal website or Weather Underground. It’s compatible to both Windows and Mac users.

Use any of the above software to get the most out of your personal weather station. It’s however advisable to confirm from the respective websites to ensure compatibility of your device while factoring in your requirements.







How to use Twitter Retweet for better interactions


There has been a lot of discussion regarding Twitter Retweet among the social media platform users.   Most people feel that retweeting takes credit for posts that does not belong to those sharing them.  But that is not the case, retweeting creates an interaction platform.  It is basically forwarding a tweet that was sent by somebody else.  It can simply be discussed as sharing of information among other people on the platform.  You will agree with me that it is not easy getting information from everybody as they are not on your friends list.

Retweeting therefore allows you release information that you believe is valuable enough to share.    You can also retweet an article or post you believe is interesting and worth sharing.  Each time one retweets, the word ‘RT’ or ‘retweet’ in full should come before it to show that you are not the original creator of the post or article.  It is common sense or etiquette not to take credit of what really does not belong to you.  And more often or not, others who found the retweet interesting will go further and check the profile of the original tweeter.  If they like the profile, they will therefore start following them for more.

It is therefore not wrong to say that a Twitter Retweet proves engagement platform where people of all walks of life share important information.   By sharing information you are increasing traffic to your profile.  It not a must that people must follow you on the social media platform.  They must find something worthwhile or interesting for them to do so.  It is an easier way to build trust.  When people find they can trust you, they will be sure to come for more.  It is therefore important that you just don’t retweet, ensure what you share is important enough for your followers to want more.

Do you know you can retweet your articles?  This is a good idea but only when it is necessary.  Some people choose to retweet their items from time to time but this does not augur well.  The social media platform is an engagement platform and the only way to engage with others not in your circle is to find a way to reach them.  Retweeting your articles makes you ‘selfish’ – no pun intended.  Go out there and reach out to the large numbers of people on the social media platform looking for information from time to time.  You never know, these people can change your life forever.

Finally, don’t forget about knowing when to reach your followers through a Twitter Retweet.  Time factor plays a very crucial role on the social media platforms.  If you have any trending topic first of all consider the group you want to reach.  If they are students get hold of them during breaks which can be lunch, or after.  Another best time to reach them is after classes.  Secondly, if your article is meant for an older group, know when to reach them which are definitely after work.  Interaction on the social media platform will rely heavily on timing which is a factor you cannot afford to ignore.

3 Retweeting Tips For Better Brand Engagement

Twitter is a powerful platform for communicating your brand message and creating traffic to your site, and retweeting enable you to share crucial and content with your customers. But it’s important to know what you should be retweeting. Before you retweet, take some time and ask yourself whether the message you are retweeting will be interesting to your clients and which twitter accounts deserve such kind of a message. The main question that you should ask yourself is whether the retweet is benefiting your business and your customers.

Here are some tips to help you take advantage of twitter retweets.

Pick Your Style

There are two ways that you can retweet a message; there is Original Way that involves the follower manually adding the letters RT to the start of tweets as a way of appreciating the original.  When you add letter RT to a post, your showing that you have re-posted another person’s message while appreciating the original author of the tweet. This method allows a person to add his or her comment at the beginning of the tweet.

Another method of a retweet is called The New Way or Native which means that you do not have to change the tweet in any way. It involves sending the message to your followers the way you received it without altering the content. This method makes it easier to share message because you just need to click the retweet button and message is displayed to your followers.  Again, you show a strong appreciation of the original author of the tweet.

You need to determine which style of retweeting suit you best regarding your needs. If you need to alter original message before retweeting or adding a comment, you need to use original way method, but if you want to show your follower that you appreciate the original author of the tweet, you need to use the Native method.

Recognize Positive Mentions

When you want to show gratitude to someone, you don’t need to send an actual message, just retweet and it will indicate that you have appreciated and acknowledged their support and share their message with your followers.

Scratch My Back. I’ll Scratch Yours

When you retweet other, you create a great opportunity to increase more retweets because people will appreciate those appreciate them. Therefore, you should know the kind of tweets that you need to retweet so that you can increase online visibility by people who matter to you. If you are a business, you need to regularly retweet key thinkers in your industry, or companies that you would like to work with or know more about.

You also need to identify influencers, whether individual or companies because they will help to share your message with their customer, earning you brand recognition, retweets, and more customers. So, keep on retweeting you influencers, and you will be upraised how faster they notice you. However, make sure you do not just retweet them, choose the kind of message to retweet so that you don’t end up annoying both the influencer and your followers.

Reseller Panel – your chance to make a difference


Have you heard of Reseller Panel?  If you are reading this, I want to believe you have.  How does it work and what really are the known benefits that come with it.  First things first, this is a business that can be operated by anyone.  The 21st century is one interesting period.  A lot of things are currently done online and for a business to thrive they must have a website.  The demand for companies hosting websites has grown tremendously and now become higher. Those who are ready to make money can still do so when there is still great demand.

This is one of the business plans that will allow you to be your own boss.  Why spend 8 hours a day making money for someone and earning just a salary.  You too can become your own employer and make great strides in the industry.  These large companies didn’t start big; they started small and grew gradually.  Building a brand will be one of best decisions you would have made in a lifetime.  The systems works in a very interesting way and one need to understand what happens before going ahead to do so.  Subscription is divided into credits which make it easier for customers.

There are many reasons why the Reseller Panel business is affordable.  It can be done anywhere around the world and one does not have to own a physical business to do so.  Coupled with the incredible credit system nothing could be better.  The price of a credit depends on different providers as there are not set standards for costing.  Some companies charge as low as $1 per credit while others charge more.  This is where the secret lies, when marketing your business ensure that you give you customers an offer they cannot refuse.  The more features you offer the more you charge.

It is also worth noting that you cannot have a one size fits all.  When it comes web hosting, customers have their preference and should be allowed to have their custom made designs accordingly.   When customers are given the freedom to make decisions on what they want as a service provider you will be sure of one thing – satisfaction.   This too will be your only chance to market your services before you know it you will be smiling all the way to the bank.  Business decisions are made when the demand is high and it is only then that you can make a difference.

Finally, lest we forget ensure that customers can reach at any given time.  In any business setting including Reseller Panel appearance plays one of the crucial parts.  The first thing people look for in a website is appearance, if you are in the business ensuring that professionalism is put in laying down the website and that customers can trust you.  Take charge of the nitty gritty details of any design, just details should not be ignored at any costs.  Sit down with your customers, find out what they want and where need be provide them with more information.

4 Factors to Put in Mind while Choosing A Parent Hosting Provider for Your ResellingHosting Business

Reselling hosting is considered to be among the best business that you can venture into in contemporary world because it’s simple and requires little capital to start. It is mostly the easiest way to get into hosting business. First of all, you require to have little investment to venture into this business compared to other types of business where starting capital is huge. Secondly, you are provided with the opportunity to start your own web host company where you have the freedom to improve and expand your business under your own brand.

The main benefit of reselling hosting business is that the upstream host does all the technical undertaking such as maintaining the server, hardware setup and upgrading of software. Thus, even if you do not have skills and expertise in hosting, you can still venture into this business.

However, reselling business is very competitive which creates a problem of retaining the customer. Customers are looking for cost-effectiveness and convenient services which many reseller businesses can provide. As different customers have varying hosting needs, you need to make sure that the upstream hosting provider you engage with offer flawless service.

There are five features you need to look for when determining the upstream hosting provider to work with so that to ensure you offer your customer quality services.

Good Uptime Score:

The first thing you should put in your mind when looking for better parent hosting company to work with is the parent company’s uptime score. As a reseller, you need to look for a parent hosting company that operates both during the day and night, and it operates on powerful servers. The hosting parent company should also have a stable connection network. You should ensure that your parent hosting company has minimum Uptime score above 99.5% per cent. An Uptime score that is below 99.5% will affect your customers’ business negatively.

Customizable Packages

The need of every customer and business is different. Therefore, as a reseller, you need to provide different customized packages to your customer so that you satisfy all of their needs. Before customizing the packages, you need to predict the growth rate of your customers and determine the target group of your business.  These factors will enable you to determine the storage space that your customers’ website may ultimately need.

To cater for needs of your customers, verify whether your parent hosting company offers customized packages. Also, check whether the parent company offers up gradation services because your customers will grow in numbers which will force you to upgrade your plans.

Sound Customer Support

Every customer expects to be provided with 24/7 support and faster response in any business, which makes faster redressal of customers issues and vigorous customer support system critical aspects of a reselling business. Keeping this in mind, you should ensure that parent hosting company can offer sound customer support to you and your customers.

Regular maintenance:

The parent hosting company should be in a position to offer regular maintenance to the server, upgrading software, implementing security measures and timely hardware setup. To ensure that your servers as reseller are operating throughout, the parent hosting company should ensure that there are appropriate Firewall Configuration and Hyper Availability with several redundancies.